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Bring the charms of houseplants to your decor without the needed up keep of traditional florals with this life-like rose arrangement, nestled in a glass vase. Its sleek base blends effortlessly into both casual and formal aesthetics while its lush details bring breezy flair to any space. Add this piece to the living room to bring botanical charm to a cozy cottage aesthetic, then pair it with floral canvas prints for a cohesive and artful arrangement. Pair the display with shimmering metal typographic wall decor for a dynamic look, then roll out a bold Persian-inspired rug to tie together the room in a timeless pop of pattern. 


  • Made with faux silk
  • Cream color
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Number of ropes included: 5

Grass looks great on your lawn, but it really looks good on river banks and other places where it's allowed to grow free. In fact, given room to grow unfettered, grass can be incredibly calming - tall, green, and wispy. This stunning reproduction of a "grass bush" perfectly captures that look - tall blades of grass grow skyward, while other cascade downward, all coming out of an attractive brown vase. Great for your home or office.


  • Tall and billowy at the same time
  • Complete with decorative vase
  • Never needs water
  • 275 Leaves / blades

The green, full foliage of this artificial Cycads form an umbrella of leaves that fall over the top of the white planter. The modern tall white planter comes with river rocks for a complete arrangement ready for your patio or deck. It also looks elegant and understated in your office or den.


  • Includes a white planter topped with soft natural moss
  • Adds life to any empty space in your home or office
  • No watering or maintenance required
  • Item may need to be reshaped when removed from box
  • Product may ship compressed - Primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown