6 Midcentury Modern Decor Basics That Every Beginner Should Know

6 Midcentury Modern Decor Basics That Every Beginner Should Know

Captivating Home Collection Aug 3, 2017 CHC Design Team Blog 2 Comments

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If it wasn’t obvious from all the pastel pink sofas and Danish sideboards on your social newsfeeds as of late, midcentury modern decor is once again having a moment. Although sleek and timeless, the style can quickly monopolize a room (or make it appear dated) if it isn’t executed with care. 

Learn what ‘midcentury furniture’ really means. But generally you can look for the obvious clues, such as peg legs or hardware. Another great tip is to look for the country of manufacture. Denmark, Yugoslavia, Japan, Italy, and America are often authentic midcentury manufactures.

The enduring popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style is based on many factors. It gave us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials and designers that are idolized even today. While there is some disagreement about when the period started, it roughly lasted from the mid-1930's to mid-1960's. The timeless quality of the style, however, continues to appeal to today's homeowners.


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